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pallet stretch wrapper problem case and reason with thepallet wrapping machine maintainence solutions

how to solve the stretch wrapper trobule ? when the pallet stretch wrapping machine have problem ?

there are some pallet wrapping machine problem case and reason ,  how to solve




Power on button does not switch on

Emergency stop button pressed; pre-stretch door open, fuse

Unlock by turning anticlockwise; close door and press Reset button; check and maybe replace

Turntable dose not turn when pressing start

Machine not in position 0; wrong speed setting in wrapping program, turntable inverter motor

check turntable speed setting, check

Film tension not regular

Wrong film tension setting, electronic check chart damaged, feeler pin poteniometer

Check potentiometer "reg, film tension", check and replace

Carriage dose not stop at top of pallet but continues to top of column

Pallet photocell

Adjust sensitivity

Presser dose not go down

Presser disabled, electric valve, pneumatic cylinder

Checking setting, check and / or replace; check regulators on cylinder and /or replace

Carriage puts too much film on lower part of pallet

Programmed LOW turns number too high

Check no. Of set turns and reduce

Carriage ascent/descent speed too slow/fast

Carriage speed set on wrong value

Adjust speed

Machine dose not stop to put cap

Wrong wrapping program

Check no. Of chosen program

Carriage puts too much film on upper part of pallet

Programmed high turn number too high

Check no. Set turns on display and reduce

At the end of wrapping cycle Presser dose not go up

Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic valve

Single direction valve


Pressure of Press disc on pallet is too high

Pressure regulator


Turntable disc not stable and / or stops

Chain too loose

Adjust chain stretcher

Film slips on rubber coated rollers

Dirty rubber coated rollers

Clean with alcohol

Strange noise

Loose chain, one or more wheels under the turntable are broken due to wear, worn out turntable motor reducer

Reducer adjust tension or replace chain, replace wheels, replace reducer

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