palletizer robot system

  • 4 axises servo gantry palletizer machine
4 axises servo gantry palletizer machine

4 axises servo gantry palletizer machine

  • Product description: 4 axises servo gantry palletizer machine

The 4 axis servo gantry palletizer machine 

The consist of the palletizer machine 

Mounting rack,robot positioning system,servo driven system,control system and electrical control distribution system ( options pallet dispenser feeder system,fully pallet conveyor system)

palletizer mounting rack

The palletizer the moving speed is fast,it starts and stops will has the big impact to the mounting rack.So that the mounting rack need design good strength and rigidity. Our company design the welding steel frame structure to support it .
Palletizer positioning system

The palletizer positioning system is the core the palletizer. We adopt the Yasakawa famous brand , the moving speed is fast and the repeatability accuracy is very high,the X,Y,Z three-dimensional adopt the synchronous cog belt to transmit, the single coordinate repeatability accuracy is 0.1mm, the fastest linear moving speed is 1000mm/s , the X coordinate axis’s length is 3000mm, the span of the positioning system is 1935mm, it keep the two axises positioning system moving synchronous by the cynchronous transmitter. It it driven by the 1.5kw servo motor .in order to keep the driving torque match with inertia, we adopt the high accuracy planet-gear speed reducer.
    In order to keep the palletizer moving stable , thingking aboutthe palletizer will vibrate when high speed moving ,the Y axis need supply the double-end support and the middle is Dangling structure .so that the Y axis adopt big sectional positioning unit the double positioning system .
The two positioning unit side by side use , the Z axis is clamped in middle , it can keep the load balance . this mounting model is very stable . the two positioning unit driven by one 1kw servo motor, in order to keep the driving torque match with inertia, we adopt the high accuracy planet-gear speed reducer.
    The Z axis positioning system is fastness and stable. It is fixed by slide block and entirety moving up and down. The servo motor need lift the goods fast , it need overcome the big gravity and acceleration. The power need very big. According to it that we adopt 2kw servo motor with the brake . it match with high accuracy planet-gear speed reducer.
     A axis is the rotary axis     
Servo driven system

The palletizer adopt the digital function servo motor .every moving axis mounting one set servo motor and one set high accuracy planet-gear speed reducer. Total four sets . the vertical moving axis servo motor with the brake 
Palletizer machine gripper 

The gripper adopt the special pneumatic gripper , the air pressure can adjustable and adopt the pressure relief valve. It can percept the cargo by mounting the Induction mechanism and notice control center to pick-up or place the cargo 
The control system 

The control system consist of the PLC and HMI . 
Safety device 

The palletizer have the error display and warning function, which part have the fault it will display on the touch screen , it can fast to debug.
It including the palletizer crash protection function , workpiece mounting well detection ,safety light curtain protection 


Production speed 200-500ctns/hour
Loading weight:       can do according to customer
Loading height:       can do according to customer
Carton storage about 80pcs(800mm) Carton size(mm)       can do according to customer
Power supply       3 phase AC 380V 50Hz 9Kw
Air Compressing       500NL/min5-6kg/cm2
Weight 1500kgs
Machine size L3500*W2250*H2800mm
Photocell: Omron Japan
Low-Voltage electrical parts : Schneider France 
Inverter: Yasakawa Japan 
Servo inverter: Yasakawa Japan 
Gear box : Taiwan 
Contactor and switch: Schneider France
PLC: Mitsubishi Japan
HMI: Delta Taiwan
Cylinder: Airtac Taiwan
Vacuum sucker: PIAB Sweden 
Vacuum parts: PIAB Sweden



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