semi-auto pallet stretch wrapper

  • G4 Pallet Wrapper with M-type Turntable
G4 Pallet Wrapper with M-type Turntable

G4 Pallet Wrapper with M-type Turntable

  • adopt double roller drive
  • Requires least space
  • M-type turntable for easy loading/unloading by pallet jack
  • entrance has sensor to detection to keep safety
  • Product description: G4 Pallet Wrapper with forklift M-type turntable
G4 Pallet Wrapper with M-type Turntable

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Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect themhe main performance parameters
>> PLC controlled, easy wrapping program setting.
>> Both one touch automatic programs and manual run are available.
>> Film tension, turntable speed & carriage speed adjustable on panel.
>> Turntable stop start & stop.
>> Turntable home position.
>> Automatic detection of pallet height by photocell.
>> 250% power stretch, film savings.
>> Open type carriage for easy film threading.
>> Carriage driven by dual chain system.
Wrap speed: 30 – 40 pallets/hour
Turntable diameter: 1650mm
Turntable speed: 3 - 15rpm
Max load weight: 1000kgs
Wrapping height: 2100mm
Turntable height: 82mm
Wrapping settings: wrap cycles /top wraps /bottom wraps /overwrap

Carriage speed: 5 meters/min max
Turntable motor: 0.75kw
Pre-stretch motor: 0.2kw
Carriage lifter motor: 0.37kw
Power: 1PH 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Film type: stretch film thickness 17-35microns, width 450-500mm, paper core 76mm, max weight 18kgs

1. Turntable diameter 1500mm, 1800mm, or 2000mm
2. Wrapping height 2400mm or 2600mm
3. Access ramp for loading
4. Turntable could be M-shaped
5. Top platen driven pneumatically for light products
6. Ring bearing structure turntable for extra heavy loads.



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