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  • Pallet Shuttle car Conveyor
  • Pallet Shuttle car Conveyor
Pallet Shuttle car ConveyorPallet Shuttle car Conveyor

Pallet Shuttle car Conveyor

  • Product description: Pallet Shuttle car Conveyor
Pallet Shuttle Conveyor

Technical Data

Transfer pallets over long distances, or connect multiple conveyor lines.
Suitable for roller or chain conveyor.

Sandblasted, anticorrosion painted and powder-coated frame made for heavy duty load up to 2500kg.
All covers are galvanized and powder coated.
Suitable for carrying either roller conveyors or chain conveyors.
Top quality gearmotor.
End position monitoring with limit switches.
Grooved rollers on inox shafts.
Conveying height: standard 400mm (min 320mm)
Travel speed: upto 0.5m/sec


- Guiding bars
- End stop
- Outdoors installation
- Stainless steel frame, for hygienic environments
- Photocells
- Position monitoring with encoder
- Inverter drive, offering smooth motion, protecting equipment
- PLC control, for automating processes



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