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  • 90 degree bags kicker
  • 90 degree bags kicker
90 degree bags kicker 90 degree bags kicker

90 degree bags kicker

  • Product description: 90 degree bags kicker

90 degree bags kicker

Slider bed design for use in transferring bags from an upright position to a horizontal bottom first orientation at right angle to the closing conveyor line.

Design Features:

Formed frame construction, 1200mm overall length.

Integral frame slide for easy bag transfer.

305mm wide 4 ply tan slip top belt, V-guide molded to underside to maintain belt tracking, stainless steel mechanical lacing with belt overlay to prevent snagging bags.

Compact ½ HP drive design with chain and sprockets mounted within frame, 35 FPM belt speed.

Motor starter enclosure with pushbuttons and safety lockout – 208/230/460 V., 50 Hz., 3 Ph.

Photo eye sensors.

Pneumatic kick plate controls.

Flared bag in-feed guide plates.

Polished stainless steel bag kick plate.

Adjustable for multiple bag sizes.

Adjustable height supports, 12”-20” top of belt.

Available Features:

Lengths to meet specific applications.

Variable speed controls.

Wash down, corrosive and explosion proof electrical packages.

Special finish coatings.

Vertical lift – either manual or powered.



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