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  • bags flattening conveyor line
bags flattening conveyor line

bags flattening conveyor line

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bags flattening conveyor line

Roller bed design for use in compressing and shaping bags for more uniform bag layers during stacking process.

Design Features:

Structural channel frame construction:

2000mm overall length lower frame,

1500mm overall length upper frame.

305 wide 150# black rough top belts, stainless steel mechanical lacing.

1 HP C-face shaft mounted drives design. 70 FPM belt speed.

Motor starters enclosure with pushbuttons and safety lockout –220/380 V., 50 Hz.,1/3 Ph.

Safety stop cable pull cord around perimeter of conveyor.

Center take-up assembly on lower frame. Manually adjusted spring loaded bag tensioning assembly.

Available Features:

Lengths to meet specific applications.

Wider units for large bags.

Wash down, corrosive and explosion proof electrical packages.

Special finish coatings.

Nose-over discharge.

Quick Turn compression adjustment.

Swivel stacker discharge boom.

Horizontal in-feed section.



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